What is aiTWorks System?

aiTWorks System is our unique human resource database that acts as a platform for companies and skillful professionals to build a virtual team easily and quickly.

Unlike other crowdsourcing platforms, aiTWorks interviews and tests each professional in our database to confirm their identities and skills, so companies do not have to worry about hiring mismatched resources for the project.

This is an easy, quick and safe way of having your dream team for a project!

How does aiTWorks System HR Database look like?



  1. Visualized skill score calculated by the test
    – 3 main skills of each professional are tested and scores are shown
  2. Detailed and confirmed background
    – Academic and professional backgrounds are listed
  3. Downloadable resume
    – Professionals create their own resume using aiTWorks templates and they can be downloaded easily
Human Resource Data Base